Evaluation and Research

New Mexico Computer Science for All (NM-CS for All) Year One Evaluation Activities: 2013

Education Development Center (EDC) will investigate the implementation of the NM-CS for All Project and its impact on the teaching practice of educators in the program, and on computer science students.

Overarching Evaluation Questions:
1. How does the NM-CS for All Project ensure that teachers have the knowledge, skills and abilities they need to implement NM-CS for All activities?
2. To what extent does the NM-CS for All online network support goals of the project?
3. To what extent do teachers increase their skills, self-efficacy beliefs, comfort and confidence in implementing project curriculum?
4. To what extent do high school students participate in NM- CS for All activities?
5. To what extent do high school students increase their knowledge of computer science concepts and programming?

Methods/Measures: description
Teacher Baseline Survey: A pre-survey to establish a baseline
Teacher Exit Survey: A post survey – to be compared with pre-survey results
Post-Training Surveys: Ongoing-following each training session
Interviews: Short phone interviews with a sample of teachers (10-20 per year)
Document review: The evaluation teams reviews course materials, attendance sheets, etc.
Teacher Training Site Visit: On-site visit to a teacher training to observe
Student Baseline Survey: Student pre-survey to be administered by Teachers
Student Exit Survey: Student post-survey to be administered by Teachers

Your participation in the evaluation is most appreciated! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Evaluation Contact Information

Carrie Liston: cliston@edc.org
Vicky R. Coulon: vcoulon@edc.org