Welcome to New Mexico Computer Science for All

Welcome to New Mexico Computer Science for All!

As part of a national effort to reinstate CS education in high schools, NM-CSforAll offers a comprehensive teacher professional development program in Computer Science including a UNM Computer Science course for teachers called “Learning and Teaching Computer Science” offered online with regional facilitation support; quarterly workshops both face-to-face and online; summer Intensive workshops focusing on pedagogy and best practice for teaching Computer Science; and a practicum experience serving as the learning coach during a UNM dual credit CS course. NM-CSforAll also aims to broaden the participation of New Mexico students in Computer Science by offering a hybrid dual credit UNM CS108L course for high school students through UNM. NM-CSforAll teachers serve as learning coaches for the lab portion of this dual credit CS course offered at their local high schools. NM-CSforAll was developed through a partnership between the University of New Mexico, Santa Fe Institute, the Supercomputing Challenge, school districts, and others. NM-CSforAll is funded by the National Science Foundation’s Computing Education for the 21st Century program.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. CNS-1240992